Two Spot Gobi

“Unique, organic blending the majestic sounds of the cello, the powerful and velvety sounds of the trumpet with pulsating bass, soaring guitars, exquisite four part harmonies, and captivating lead vocals” 

Two Spot Gobi

One of the joys of doing what I do is getting the opportunity to sit in very close proximity to some incredibly talented musicians doing what they do best.  The Under The Radar session with Two Spot Gobi was one of those opportunities where we experienced the versatility and musicianship of this unique band who played a stripped-back acoustic set.  The guys were honest, candid and above all genuine and eloquent with their answers and their anecdotes.

A sign of true musicianship and professionalism in bands is where the band members all play as a team, watching and listening to each other’s instruments without trying to drown them with their own instrument.  Two Spot Gobi gave a perfect demonstration of this, which of course made my life a lot easier on the mixing desk!


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