Rosabella Gregory

Classical songwriting with a filmic twist, infused with improvisational elements where “the storytelling aspect is the key”.

Rosabella Gregory was introduced to me by the legendary Tony Moore, champion and relentless supporter, promoter and mentor of talented up and coming artists.  Rosabella is a classically trained musician who lives and breathes her craft; her songs are short stories, often referring to key episodes in her life, and she has a wonderful way with words which gives a clue to her intellect.

The session at Brooklands Radio was relaxed, informal, and there was a strong sense that we were in the company of a very special artist, almost a royal occasion!  Rosabella was candid, honest, and showed a very endearing vulnerability which is not immediately obvious in her songs.  Throughout the session I had a very strong sense that I had known her for a long time, and that is a testament to her warm and genuine personality.

In this clip, Rosabella describes how she was inspired to write her song “Sylvia”

Rosabella Gregory – Sylvia

Here, Rosabella takes us back to the start of her musical career when she convinced her ballet teacher to let her play the piano when she realised ballet was not for her, and whilst playing ballet lessons piano she observed a young girl who would become the subject of this song

Rosabella Gregory – Elodie

In this powerful clip Rosabella reveals how a spontaneous decision to travel to Barcelona led her to come to terms with the loss of her father

Rosabella Gregory – Barcelona


Rosabella describes her music



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