Introducing Chariots

Chariots new ep

Expansive Pop

Is this yet another genre I hear you ask?  Certainly not.  I chose these words after visiting Chariot’s website homepage where you are greeted by a fabulous picture of nature in its full expansive glory.  If you add to this image songs from Chariot’s soon to be released EP, you will see (and hear) exactly what I mean by ‘expansive pop’

Chariot’s new ep is a collection of five beautifully crafted songs with intricate melodies, highly infectious choruses, and a brutally honest sentiment with each verse.

I urge you to have a listen and hear for yourself.  In the meantime, I asked Chariot, also known as Tom Read a couple of questions about his music, and here is what he said:

A) Describe your music (not the genre but where it comes from, and what are you trying to convey)

Music has always been my way of processing. I’m not a good talker, I struggle to find the right words to explain how I feel. Whenever there is something going on I will always sit down at my piano and process through music. Every song on the EP has a personal story, in particular the song Crashing, which was written about my mother’s struggle with dementia.

B) What do you want from your music

Mostly I want personal enjoyment from my music. I love the process of writing and creating music. I hope that by being honest about my life and wearing my heart on my sleeve, others might also be able to connect with the songs and enjoy them too.

The song which initially attracted me to Chariots is ‘Love is the Weapon’, which has all the elements in abundance to make it one of this year’s stand-out tracks by far.  Enjoy!