Marcella Detroit

England Calling

Marcella Detroit BeatlesThis week we had the pleasure and privilege of welcoming the legendary Marcella Detroit for a chat and some live acoustic songs.

I have been a fan of Marcella’s since her Shakespears Sister days and when I learned she was visiting London from her home in LA to promote her new single ‘England Calling’ which is taken from her brand new album ‘Gray Matterz’, I simply had to invite her to our studios.  I was overjoyed that she accepted my invitation, so a huge thank you to Emma Scott from Pluggin’ Baby for making this happen.

So, here is our interview and live session. It was unscripted and unrehearsed so I hope I have done Marcella, the listeners and myself justice. Sit back and enjoy.


Sound of the Sirens – The Confession
Marcella Detroit – Home (live)
Marcella Detroit – England Calling (live)
Marcella Detroit – Stay (live)
Marcella Detroit – Digital Age
Marcella Detroit – Drag Queen

Marcella Detroit Grey Matterz