Hannah Dorman

Take Control

Hannah Dorman stacks_image_566We have been supporting young songstress Hannah Dorman since the very early days of Under The Radar Live Sessions about seven years ago when she was 14 years old.

Fast-forward to today, and Hannah has grown and developed into an attractive and highly accomplished song writer, vocalist and performer. As always it is a real joy to welcome her to our studios and catch up with all her latest news and details of her forthcoming single release, ‘Take Control’ this Friday 16th October at The World’s End in Finsbury Park.

Enjoy our session and if you like what you hear, visit Hannah’s website, download her music, go and see her perform live and engage with her.


Le Parody and Gizmo Varillas – Summer Rain

The Cactus Channel feat Chet Faker – Kill The Doubt

Hannah Dorman – Do You Wanna Play

Hannah Dorman – Here We Are Again

Hannah Dorman – Save The Day (live)

Hannah Dorman – One Thing on Your Mind

Hannah Dorman – Take Control

Haula – Darkest Hour