Eleanore and The Lost

4 October 2015

Eleanore BatfestThank you for dropping by. This week we have the pleasure of welcoming back to our studios the very talented and beautiful Eleanore from Eleanore and the Lost. Here is a gifted and dedicated artist who is not afraid to push the boundaries of creativity to new levels with her magnificent repertoire of songs which ooze quality and class.

Her music is a blend of rock. gothic, and cinematic with strong classical and operatic elements weaving through each song and always led by her outstanding vocals which are crystal clear, sharp and able to cover a range of four octaves.

Listen to the show:

Here is the playlist with the accompanying notes:


Zara Kershaw PicHere is a magnificent songstress from Brighton, Zara Kershaw, producing an infectious brand of alternative pop which is vocally led, but accompanied by some clever electronica as well as acoustic sounds!  Her songs are refreshing, toe-tapping and memorable, which are the main ingredients to reach very dizzy heights of success!  Here is Count The Days her brand new single out now.


Joni Fuller PicWe’ve been playing tracks from this next songstress for a little while now, and I am thrilled to learn she has only gone and won the Indie Week Europe Final Showcase and she will represent the UK at Indie Week Canada starting next week!

Featured as an ‘inspirational teenager’ by The Independent and ‘one to watch’ by PRS for Music, Joni is the only UK alumna of Phil Collins’ Little Dreams Foundation and twice winner of LIPA’s MIBI Songwriting Contest.

Joni’s 4-track EP, ‘Letters From The West Coast’ was released in May 2015. Recorded at The Cottage Studio, on the banks of Loch Fyne and at home on the West Coast of Lancashire, ‘Letters From The West Coast’ captures the energy and sublime musicianship of a young artist, honing her craft the traditional way, and winning friends and fans across the UK… and beyond!  High energy, lovingly crafted indie folk/pop, alongside intimate ballads, Joni demonstrates her abilities as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.  But for the complete Joni experience, catch a live show – a unique instrument-swapping, solo performance, where Joni uses ground-breaking looping techniques to build a wall of sound in front of the eyes and ears of her audience!   ‘Letters From The West Coast’ is available with personalised hard-copies on sale at gigs.


Photo credit: Adam Hennessy
Photo credit: Adam Hennessy

Here is a young and incredibly gifted troubadour called James Holt. Currently doing his MA in music composition at Salford University in Manchester but finding time to compose produce and record new songs as well as play live with his band and as a solo artist.  His debut EP, In The Face Of It All, a collection of six magnificent self-penned and self-produced tracks received much acclaim from credible industry figures like Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing, Brian Eno, who nominated Whatever Happened to John as his choice for the NOISE Festival last year culminating in an appearance at the Houses of Parliament!

Earlier this year James sent me a track he’d just recorded and I’d like to play it for you now, it is called The World I Once Knew, I’ll Never Change.  An epic song weaving elements of genius throughout, with influences from The Beatles, Radiohead, Tame Impala and really showcasing the immense talent and versatility of this song writer.


Photo by: Giovanni Ruggeri
Photo by: Giovanni Ruggeri

Here is a very talented and unique songstress from Catania in Italy. Irene Conti has a fabulous voice with that undefinable quality which draws you in.  She is a classically trained guitarist and also an accomplished singer song writer.  Her song, The Man Who Still Believes is a haunting song which she sings in English but her Italian origins are betrayed by her charming and alluring accent which adds an extra layer of likeability to this simple yet powerful song.  There is an animated video which Irene created herself accompanying this song which I urge you to watch on her YouTube channel.


The Kings Parade picFrom London, here is a four-piece band calling themselves The King’s Parade.  They’ve been together since 2012 and in that short time they have honed their sound to produce a rich blues infused soulful tapestry which is led by some seriously strong vocals and fabulous arrangements oozing class. The songs are expertly written with clever and interesting lyrics and great artistry.  Taken from their debut EP Vagabond, here are two tracks, Belsize Lane and Bunched Up Letters. Remember where you heard them first!


Lisa Kwei PicLisa Kwei is another Surrey based songstress.  She will be playing with her band live at Sullivan’s Wine Bar in Weybridge almost next door to our studios next Thursday 8th October in aid of Parkinson’s UK.  Tickets are £5 on the door and all money raised will go towards this worthwhile charity.  Taken from her debut album here is the title track, The Girl You Left Behind.


Brooke Annibale picBrooke Annibale is a fresh and original songstress from Pittsburgh in the USA.   Her most defining feature in my opinion is her voice with her stunning tone, a special way of phrasing and an irresistible way to deliver her words.  Brooke is also a magnificent guitar player with some original and unique techniques, and of course a very accomplished song-writer with two self-penned albums and an ep under her belt.  Her songs have also been featured in numerous high-profile TV shows like One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries and many more,  Her second album, The Simple Fear was released on Thursday October 2nd. Here is how the concept of the album is described on Brooke’s website:

It’s ironic how Brooke Annibale’s fearlessness and eloquence exudes on an album titled The Simple Fear. Annibale had experienced a bout of writer’s block after releasing her 2013 Words In Your Eyes EP. After months of not being able to complete a single song, she wrote and demoed “Remind Me” all in the same day. The rest of the songs came like a flood during major life changes; including a move from Nashville back to her hometown of Pittsburgh. While writing the rest of the album, Annibale was contemplating basic life expectations as well as the fear that those expectations might not be met. “I had to deal with the fear of the unknown future and the struggle of letting go of the past. Those two conflicting feelings are woven throughout these songs: letting go and moving forward,” says Annibale. “Fear is always complicated, but it’s simple in the sense that we all have certain fears in common at some point in our lives.”  Here is that first track she wrote after her writer’s block Remind Me, followed by a gorgeous track I picked from her new album called Decide.


Caravan Club picLet’s go up to bonny Scotland and a fabulously original, fresh and quirky six-piece band calling themselves The caravan Club.  Their music is epic, rich in harmonies and fabulous instrumentation.  I particularly love Little Heartbeat which boasts some outstanding soaring spaghetti western trumpets.  Enjoy!


Mi Amigo picHere is a fresh and definitely quirky and engaging duo from Brighton called Mi Amigo.  What I Want is their brand new track which offers a fresh twist on 80’s pop. It is upbeat, it is infectious and has irresistible choruses and harmonies.


Andre Espeut Quintet PicSomething brand new from this highly original and energetic quintet with their wonderful fresh blend of jazz funk and Brazilian very avant-garde and eclectic.  From their brand new EP here is the title track.