Playlist 27 September 2015

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Here is the brand new single from Marcela Detroit who is a formidable creative force constantly writing fabulous songs and not afraid to try different sounds and textures to add to her impressive repertoire which includes co-writing the classic Lay Down sally with rock legend Eric Clapton.
England Calling is taken from her forthcoming album Grey Matterz and it is out on 6th September. We are hoping to be able to welcome Marcella to our studios for a chat and a session when she next visits London, but in the meantime enjoy this enchanting anthem with its memorable and very infectious choruses and melodies.

Here is a troubadour from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Robb Murphy is his name. Headstrong is the next single release from his superb debut album ‘Sleep Tonight’. It will be available as a download and as a limited edition 7” vinyl from 9th October. A magical video accompanies the single which features a hilarious collection of humans dressed as animals. The song is uplifting, and has a very nice chorus running through it. As always it is led by Robbs soft and heartfelt vocals.

Here is a larger-than-life songstress currently based in San Francisco. Her name is Kat Robichaud, and I am going to red in her own words a little about her background:
I have always been an outcast. I grew up in rural North Carolina at a time when it was not cool to wear any color but khaki and listen to any music but rap or country. In elementary school, my favorite movie was Edward Scissorhands when all the other girls were watching Disney films. In high school, I listened to Marilyn Manson when he was at the peak of his ability to terrify parents. I took a lot of heat for my taste in music and pop culture. At one point, a girl in my class created a list of 113 things she hated about me and then proceeded to pass it around to the entire school. And I guess I should have known when I formed my band, The Design, that we would struggle for eight years in the southeast before our rock souls were finally pummeled by the popularity of Mumford and Sons and every other mandolin-wielding folk group that emerged after them.
So when a friend of mine suggested that I go on The Voice, telling me that all I needed to do was make it to the top 10, I laughed at him. I had never really been accepted before, so how in the world did they expect me to even make it past the first audition, let alone get into the top 10? I played it out in my mind: me, standing in line with thousands of other hopefuls, singing for five seconds before they told me “no.” That’s the scenario that went through my head every time someone at a show told me to go on The Voice, American Idol, X Factor, America’s Got Talent, etc. But The Voice struck me as a positive competition that didn’t exploit their contestants. When my band broke up and I was offered the opportunity to audition for the show, I thought, “I have nothing to lose. This could be a really good thing.”
Kat had a successful audition and made it to the final 10 before being eliminated. Her new fans connected her with Amanda Palmer, who guided her through a successful Kickstarter campaign which enabled her to raise enough funds to produce the album she had always wanted to record.
Here is a supremely talented artist with a powerful, original voice who is not afraid to push the boundaries. Her music is epic, theatrical, and unapologetic and packs a huge punch.
I am going to play two contrasting tracks from her magnificent album, KAT ROBICHAUD AND THE DARLING MISFITS. The upbeat and catchy Uh Oh, followed by the powerful heart-wrenching ballad Why Do You Love Me Now.

Let’s visit my motherland Colombia and a fantastic fresh six-piece band called Malalma based in the Capital Bogota. They describe their sound as Latin Trip. Here is a brand new track called Canto De La Noche (Song of the night) which incidentally was produced by Tono Castillo who I went to school with!

Here is an outstanding four piece band from Telford in Shropshire called The Rooz. Still in their late teens, these guys can certainly write a good song and they already sound like a well-seasoned stadium filling rock band! As a result they were awarded the special “Award For Innovation” from Music For Youth in 2014 and invited to perform at the Brit Awards Big Music Project Final at London’s Indigo2 at O2 Arena.
Violins and Animals is taken from their brand new EP Fairweather, out tomorrow Monday 28th September and available through all good download sites. An excellent video accompanies this song, and if you want to watch the band play live, they are on tour in October visiting Norwich, London, Birmingham Manchester and Leek. Catch them at an intimate venue before they get too huge you’ll only be able to watch them at stadiums.

Sophia is one of those rare talents which blows you away with every new song she releases. She has just had a great gig At St Georges Hall Liverpool, The Revolution will be live a Tribute to Gill Scott Heron, supporting Talib Kweli, The Christians, Aswad and Malik & The OG’s for Liverpool International Music Festival. She will be focusing on her writing while she settles into University life in Southampton, and is looking forward to supporting Akala and 47 Souls in Preston in November.
This young songstress has produced another masterful song which she commands with her truly unique and effortless voice. Heartbeat is the name of the song, an upbeat incredibly infectious number which can easily rocket to the top of the music charts. If you like it as much as we do, you may download it from amazing tunes right now for 79p! Go on, this gem of a song can be all yours in a couple of clicks!

Here is a fresh and exciting London based five piece calling themselves Saltwater Sun. Making Eyes is their brand new single which has already received more than 11.5k plays on Soundcloud in 8 days! The single is taken from their debut EP Wild set for release on Nov 2nd via Hand In Hive records a small independent label. The song is a perfect slice of pop with great choruses, hooks, and guitar licks, all held together by the intoxicating vocals of lead singer Jennifer Stearnes.

Saint Sister, formed in November 2014, is the new project from Morgan MacIntyre and Gemma Doherty, who are both incredibly talented and were previously successful solo artists in their own right. Some listeners might remember some of Morgan’s songs on the show. Their music draws from early Celtic harp traditions, 60s folk and electronic pop to create ‘atmosfolk’—a mix of soulful vocal harmonies, dreamy synth and electro-acoustic harp.
Madrid is the title track from their debut EP of the same name and is due for release on 13th November via Trout Records. It is a haunting and ethereal piece, beautifully performed by this talented duo. The EP was produced by Hozier bassist Alex Ryan.

Originally from Cape Town in South Africa but currently living in London, Chris Cape is a fresh, highly original, controversial and incredibly talented artist. He describes his music as Pop / Rap, an eclectic fusion of original sounds providing the backdrop to well written, intelligent lyrics.
I will play two tracks from Chris Cape, the first is his latest and to-date most ambitious release, it is called Lawnmower and is one of those tracks which took me a couple of listens before I begun to get it. Don’t get me wrong, there is an awful lot of good stuff going on in the track. It is minimalist, yet it is complex, and utterly fresh, unusual and off the Richter scale in terms of quirkiness. The production is supreme, and there are very strong elements of genius running throughout.
The second track is an early one from Chris which I first played some time ago. It is rich in melody and rhythm, incredibly infectious and has an irresistible carnival feel. It is called Superstars, and I love it! But first, have a listen to Lawnmower

Jealous Michael is a four-piece melodic rock group (half from Winchester and the other half from Brighton) – boasting a wealth of original music with a raw and organic feel. Burning Gold is an uptempo melodic rock driven tune with great harmonies and choruses. It is the title track from their brand new EP which is available now for download, and it will be their next single release on October 19th.

Next is a songstress from London calling herself Rose Betts. Her songs are incredibly well written, she has a distinctive crystal clear voice which has that magnetism which takes you on a journey and you can’t help but be drawn in. Bishops Avenue is her latest single, a simple yet very engaging song beautifully sung. Following this, I will play her previous singke, released earlier this year, I Can Never Give My Heart, a very infectious song about love led by Rose’s crystal clear and spine tingling vocals.
Rose has a fundraising gig on 17th October at the charming Heath Street Baptist Church in Hampstead! Beautiful acoustics, tea, wine, cupcakes, pews and her lovely band (plus some surprises) will ensure a glorious evening. With lively support from The Little Heart Tango Orchestra to begin the evening. The church is a three minute walk from Hampsted Tube station, come, bring friends, bring your ears and loveliness will fill the evening. Also it’s her birthday and there’ll be an after show party which you are of course all welcome to! Details on her Facebook page.

Here is a highly original and rather likeable duo from Suffolk, blending lovely melodies with some cool and futuristic arrangements. They are Clarice and Simon also known as AMETHYSTS. Here are two tracks, Wreckers, a brand new composition, followed by their debut track called Alone.

Let’s go to Co Antrim in Northern Ireland and a band calling themselves Runabay. They sent me a lovely email introducing themselves and their debut EP from which I am about to play Moon Turns Blue. A great indie folk song with elements of americana and a very likeable chorus with brilliant harmonies. There is a video accompanying the song which literally takes you on a journey and you can’t stop watching until the end!

Here is London based DJ/Producer and musician extraordinaire Elliott Rae with his brand new uplifting tune called Hope, featuring the outstanding vocals of his gorgeous and insanely talented wife Soneni from Soneni and the Soul! Remember the Million Miles Away ep?
Hope will be released on Monday 2nd November via ER Soundsystem

TUCSON chanteuse Marianne Dissard is the atypical American artist. Born in FRANCE, she lived her entire musical life in the American West. Her first album, 2008 “L’Entredeux”, was composed and produced by Joey Burns of CALEXICO. Now splitting her time between the road and Matera in Southern Italy, Marianne Dissard released a third album in 2014 on UK imprint Vacilando ’68. Recorded in Tucson, Arizona with members of GIANT SAND, Mexxrissey, Willie Nelson’s and Calexico, ‘The Cat. Not Me’ confirms Dissard’s ambition to bridge the dramatic sensibilities of French chanson with the rougher expanses of Mariachi-spiked desert Americana. Chanson américaine?

Next is a fresh and original duo calling themselves Wednesday’s Wolves. Chrissy Renker and Ysabelle Durant met at school in Sri Lanka and started singing and writing songs together after university. They are now based in Oxford and London. Their songs are simple and weave together delicious harmonies, guitar, acoustic percussion and glokenshpiel to produce memorable songs oozing quality and giving a clear signal that these girls are outstanding musicians and artists of considerable calibre.
Here are two songs from each of their EP’s, Pillow Fights, from their latest EP The Boatman, followed by The Stranger’s Waltz, from their debut EP The Queen, both of which are available from Bandcamp.

Here is an outstanding song writer who has been writing and performing for some years with much success whilst staying Under The Radar although he has some very well-known fans including Mike Rutherford from Mike & The Mechanics.
Paul Menel is a singer/songwriter with a musical background both varied and eclectic and there’s no reason to think the future will be any different. He was frontman for top prog rock band IQ (from 1985 – 1990) who were signed to Phonogram by Def Leppard’s larger than life managers Peter Mensch and Cliff Bernstein.

And now here we are. With his new band, The Essentials, “They Call Her Leaf” is the first single from their new album, “Spare Parts For Broken Hearts”. Featuring his long time friend Vix Vox (Fuzzbox) on backing vocals it is a soaring anthem, a song of hope for when all seems hopeless. The character Leaf is the ethereal spirit who drives us on, unseen but ever present.