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Ethemia coverI am forever grateful to Jeremy and Lorraine Millington from fabulous group The Portraits for introducing me to Michaella and Berny from Ethemia.  We had the pleasure and privilege to welcome Ethemia to the Under The Radar Live Sessions studios for a session in July this year, and it became immediately obvious these two individuals are no ordinary musical duo.  The chemistry that oozes out of every note they sing together is palpable, in conversation it feels like each is thinking what the other is saying.

Here is a video of Katie Kate taken from their Under The Radar Session:

Through their music they explore real and very deep human emotion and often they strip themselves bare through their thoughtful and evocative lyrics.  This is an authentic connection between two individuals, and although they each have incredibly supportive partners, the musical and spiritual bond that unites them seems unbreakable.Brooklands Radio with Ethemia

Their debut album Quirk of Fate is a collection of twelve original songs, each telling their own story and touching a wide variety of often difficult subjects with sincerity and sensitivity.  Rich in vocal as well as guitar harmonies, it is not easy to assign a genre to this album, but if we were forced to, I guess we could describe it as the ultimate acoustic album of epic and edgy contemporary folk songs.

Have a listen to the album below and if you like what you hear, go and get it from iTunes.  More importantly, go and see them live, Ethemia are probably one of the hardest working independent musicians on the gig circuit and you can be sure to find them playing at a venue near you.

Ethemia and DD