Discovering New Music – Seville

Seville imageFirst, credit where it’s due – a huge thanks to my very good friend and fellow lover of fresh independent music Simone Lindtner who alerted me to Seville, a project by Jay Marsh, a most original and enigmatic independent song-writer who used to front the short-lived but highly successful indie band Skinny Machines.

Jay tells me this is a collaboration with Chris Brooke and was conceived as a film music project to begin with – “we wanted it to sound like the soundtrack to a film yet to be written if you know what I mean…” Jay says.

When asked about the name Seville, he adds: “Chris was particularly inspired by that territory and we were very much trying to recreate the slightly more spiritual, earthy vibe when we went in to the writing sessions. Personally I saw it as a challenge to write anything other than pretty dark indie stuff…!”

So far the writing partnership has produced five demos which I am led to believe will form part of a long-player to be released sometime in 2015.  For now, Walk The Earth is a finished track which gives a flavour of things to come.  Jay’s distinctive vocals lead a very cinematic soundscape, evocative of Mediterranean deserts.  This is an all-out production which starts with the haunting sound of a distant cello evocative of a flute giving that ‘earthy’ feel Jay alluded earlier.  The chorus is a lavish affair with layered harmonies, horns and mighty percussion.

There is a beautifully shot and produced video of this song made by Overcoast Sessions.