Discovering new music – Billy Vincent

Billy Vincent

Billy VincentI’m not exactly sure how I discovered this highly original band, all I know is that I followed an Internet link and it led me to the Soundcloud page of Irresponsible Recordings where my ears first experienced the epic St Catherine’s Oratory, and I have to confess I haven’t been quite the same since!

Taken from their excellent EP Once on the Grand Union, this track has it all in abundance: charisma, energy, foot-stomping goodness and above all originality.  As soon as you press play you are greeted by a violin ensemble which soon transforms into a fiddle-fest  straight out of an epic western with a back beat of drums mimicking the canter of a stallion as it turns into a full gallop.  The trumpet that follows and the anthemic chorus are led by some magnificent and full-of-emotion vocals.  This song tells a story, and this story really comes alive when you watch the video which accompanies the song.


Once on the Grand Union EP