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A huge welcome to our new followers, listeners and readers.  Today is the 1st September 2014 and a perfect opportunity to start a series of daily posts shining the spotlight on some of the outstanding independent emerging musicians which I ‘discover’ on a daily basis.

The music industry is going through unprecedented change and as more and more platforms continue to emerge broadening the choice of ways to consume music, more and more artists are able to produce high quality music often from their own bedrooms, and the choice of music has become as vast as the ways to access it.  This has created something of a paradise for music lovers, especially lovers of new independent music, and at the same time a massive challenge for artists to get noticed amongst all the ‘noise’.

Through these posts as well as the Under The Radar Live Sessions which I produce and present on Internet Radio, I hope to help some of these artists reach new audiences and in turn grow their fan bases.  The artists featured have been hand-picked by me, I do not welcome unsolicited CDs or approaches from artists, instead I purposefully go out and look for new artists using a variety of sources and platforms.  I do not look for specific genres or styles, but I am strongly attracted to original, quirky, unusual songs.

I hope you enjoy these posts and of course the featured artists.  I would very much welcome any thoughts, comments and feedback and if you discover a new artist you enjoy and decide to purchase their music or attend one of their gigs, it would be a tremendous honour if you let them know you found them through these posts.

Onto our first featured artist!


HarrietI first ‘discovered’ Harriet through a new platform called Richer Unsigned which is the brainchild of Julian Richer, the founder of Britain’s largest and most successful independent HiFi retailers.  Her song ‘Afterglow’ is one of those songs which made the hairs at the back of my neck stand on end as soon as the first few bars and Harriet’s sultry voice gently caressed my ear drums.

Harriet is a young singer song-writer based in London.  Her distinctive voice and her song-writing caught the attention of producer Steve Anderson, who has worked with a host of well established global artists and was originally one half of the famous remix/production team Brothers in Rhythm.  Steve has managed to capture the essence of Harriet’s voice, personality and songs and taken her to the same high level as some of the world-class superstar artists he has worked with.

Afterglow is a collaboration between Steve and Harriet which is taken from Harriet’s debut EP ‘What’s Mine Is Yours‘ featuring three original songs which have been expertly produced by Steve and beautifully sung by Harriet.

Although Harriet’s voice and style are reminiscent of the great late Karen Carpenter, she manages to remain fresh, relevant and original without sounding like an imitator, which is only possible to achieve by being natural, and natural she certainly is.

Expect to hear a lot more about this supremely talented vocalist and song writer, but for now, enjoy these songs and support Harriet by downloading her EP.


What’s Mine is Yours – Harriet


  1. I can really appreciate the carpenter reference. I am won and lost at afterglow. piano faultless, voice drags me back to my childhood. dont drink gin with this girl. she will find all your weakspots. Thanks for the intro #following


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