New Zealand’s Best – Sound The Ocean

New single review – Sound The Ocean ‘Spring’

SpringI often like to ‘lose’ myself on the Internet whilst searching for new music.  I like to call these activities my musical journeys.  There are no rules of engagement and there is no logical plan to follow.  These journeys can start when I least expect them to start, often as a result of a Tweet someone has shared, or a name that pops up on the Facebook search bar as I type.

During one of these musical journeys I came across a collection of new, fresh and emerging New Zealand bands which left me grinning from ear-to-ear as they are ALL fantastic.  I also discovered that the New Zealand government are avid supporters of broadcast media and the Arts and have set up an organisation called NZ On Air which funds and invests in a colourful range of local television, radio, music and digital media content to extend choices for New Zealand audiences.  This goes a long way to explaining the reasons why there is such a vibrant and exciting new and emerging music scene in New Zealand.Sound The Ocean main

I present to you Sound The Ocean, a seven-piece band of music teachers from Hamilton. in the Waikato region of the North Island.  Their sound is polished, anthemic and totally infectious!  Their brand new single ‘Spring’ epitomises the perfect pop anthem with an uptempo beat driving the song, perfect instrumentation, and a melodic male lead vocal accompanied by some deliciously euphoric choruses sung in beautiful harmony.  These guys certainly know how to write and perform the perfect pop anthem and I have a suspicion they will do rather well in their native New Zealand and we hope this success spills around the Globe.

Here is the fantastic video which accompanies ‘Spring’ which launches today.