Bronagh and The Boys – EP Review

From Belfast with love, this Muse will enchant you

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EP coverI first became aware of this enchanting chanteuse via Tom Robinson’s The Listening Post and was instantly captivated by ‘I’m His’, the first track on her brand new EP titled ‘A Young Heart’ by Bronagh & The Boys, a collection of four self-penned songs, beautifully produced and worthy of adding to any discerning music lovers’ collection.

I’m His opens with a haunting piano accompanied by a distant trumpet soon followed by Bronagh’s haunting voice, and as your ears begin to adjust to this eclectic combination of sounds, you become aware of the bass, percussion, guitars and all the intricate layers that make this one magnificent ballad.  This is a serious musical piece oozing melancholy, reminiscent of Portishead’s epic Glorybox.

Green is the band’s debut single. A quirky, rather uplifting number with a definite folky country feel, beautifully produced with enchanting piano and that subtle trumpet in the distance.  The lyrics are thoughtful, clever and original.  The song itself is simple, yet the arrangements are intricate and feature keys, trumpet, solo acoustic guitar and delicious harmonies, always led by Bronagh’s perfect vocals.

Bronagh & the Boys – Green


Young Hearts starts gently with Bronagh’s delicate vocals accompanied by piano and once again that distant trumpet, and soon builds into a rock ballad full of energy, passion and you could be forgiven for feeling this is the opening soundtrack of one of those epic Hollywood motion pictures.

The fourth and final track on the EP is Not My Own and although all the elements of the previous songs are very much in evidence, this is yet another highly original, fresh and epic number, masterfully produced and led by Bronagh’s distinctive and supremely likable vocals.

To sum up, A Young Heart is a must-have EP and has certainly left me wanting to hear more from this enchanting young songstress, who at 22 has the World at her feet!  I personally can’t wait to welcome her to our studios for what promises to be a memorable Under The Radar Live Session!  Watch this space.