Being Buffalo – ‘Start The Fire’ EP Review

Music according to the Buffalo people

EP CoverBeing Buffalo are a six-piece band based in London, who define their sound as folk driven pop with an organic twist.  I would say they are being modest and perhaps deliberately coy about their sound, in my opinion their sound does have those qualities in abundance, but perhaps the most striking element is their explosive anthemic choruses and harmonies which make Being Buffalo stand proud amongst the great stadium-filling bands of this generation.

The band visited the Under The Radar Live Sessions studios on 1st April 2012 (see videos and listen to the show podcast below) and since then they have been busy producing their EP and growing their fan base with a series of regular gigs in and around London and the South East of England.

Their current EP, ‘Start The Fire’ is a collection of four strong and very likable tracks:

Feels Like Home opens with a very seventies The Who guitar riff, and quickly fast forwards in time to somewhere in the early nineties with a dose of angelic vocals accompanied with supreme harmonies, the journey continues right up to this decade with some explosive anthemic choruses expertly paced by strong percussion and all the while adorned with acoustic and electric guitars, piano and those angelic vocals and harmonies.

Wake Me Up gently dissolves from Simon and Garfunkel style harmonies into a complex euphony of vocals, fantastic percussion and once again, those memorable explosive stadium choruses, the perfect way to wake up!

Anselm is a delicious gentle ballad which comes towards you like a soft wall of vocal sounds, such is the band’s expertise in arranging complex harmonies, which only need a hint of acoustic guitar and minimalist percussion.

The fourth track, I Will Hold You, is another breath-taking example of the band’s song-writing and musical arrangement skills which exude quality from the very first chord.

To sum-up, Start The Fire represents the supreme vocal and musical talents of Being Buffalo, and as an EP it should occupy a place in any discerning music lover’s collection, go and get your copy, and do it now!


Being Buffalo Define their music


Being Buffalo – April


Being Buffalo – Hope


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