Worry Dolls

Cool quirky Folk with clever story-telling lyrics, uplifting melodies, delicious harmonies and fiery red hair!


IMG_0939Worry Dolls are a fabulous duo of supreme vocalists and song-writers by the names of Zoe Nicol and Rosie Jones.  They first met at Liverpool’s acclaimed LIPA (The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) which was founded by Sir Paul McCartney on the site of his old school.  The girls are young, fresh, fantastically original, and play a host of different instruments with great prowess.

They describe their sound as quirky folk, and they write about anything but love.  Their songs are uplifting and memorable and the lyrics are thoughtful, humorous and always tell a story.  I was particularly struck by the purity of their harmonies and the way they swap instruments with one another.

They have just released their debut EP, a collection of five original infectious songs which they recorded at the George Martin Studio in Liverpool and like many other emerging artists they self-funded, produced, designed, packaged and distributed.  It is available for download right now through Bandcamp and physical autographed copies can be purchased via their website.IMG_0962

Worry Dolls EP – Review

1) Polaroid – Breaks with the pleasant sound of the banjulele, a diminutive banjo which is similar in size to a ukulele.  This is an upbeat number, with strong country and western influences, but do not be misled, it soon breaks into a very palatable Balkan fusion of sound which will transport you to a dark and dingy cafe in one of the cosmopolitan cities in south-eastern europe. Great percussion, fabulous vocals and harmonies and the perfect opener to this great EP.

2) Drive – This song greets you with the sound of a marimba or xylophone and you soon realise this is a ballad which is dominated by a collection of unusual instruments, and the girls’ very distinctive voices sung in perfect harmony.

3) Darling – Another upbeat number with some infectious choruses and chants, this could be one of the very rare occasions when Worry Dolls will venture into the subject of love in their repertoire, nevertheless, exquisitely produced, with dramatic choruses almost verging into the realms of Evanescence.

4) London – A fusion of gentle country and western folk dominated by the banjulele and the now familiar and very welcome harmonies from Zoe and Rosie.

5) Same Old Dream – I loved the acoustic version of this song which Worry Dolls performed on the show (video below) but listening to the studio produced version, they actually sound like a very credible and equally as good as the legendary Simon and Garfunkel, but remarkably they manage to still sound fresh and very relevant.

Worry Dolls are no ordinary pair of folk singers, these are a pair of highly original, supremely talented songstresses who are sure to go a very long way with their infectious and highly likable music.  I would recommend you buy their EP without further delay, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Worry Dolls define their music


Worry Dolls – Same Old Song


Worry Dolls – Oliver


Worry Dolls – Boots