Finn Bonel

It’s All About The Song

finn_light_upI first became aware of Finn Bonel in 2012 when someone shared or posted a link to a video called ‘Love’s The Only Thing’ and I was instantly captivated by the song which married the video perfectly.  The video was unusual in that it rolled backwards like a rewind.  It showed a smartly dressed guy holding a bunch of flowers chasing a girl through London’s Regent’s Park.  I was struck by the combination of elements which made, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest pop videos I have seen:  Great cinematography, an excellent story, magnificent soundtrack, and a very clever twist at the end.  You can watch the video for yourselves on this blog, and I would very much like to hear your opinions about it.

Finn Bonel is an accomplished musician, song-writer and performer, his songs are thoughtful, melodic and have strong resemblances to the late great Johnny Cash in the way they are delivered but with a bit of an Irish twist!  Finn, by the way, comes from south London.  He came to the Under The Radar studios accompanied by Carl on double bass, a very slick-looking and sounding electric instrument, and Chris, a Finn and band studioguitarist who played magnificently alongside Finn, who also brought along his acoustic guitar.   Finn is laconic but he more than makes up for his brief conversations with his music.  He comes alive and takes you into a parallel universe where all your senses are aware of is his unique smokey, melancholic and prolific songs.

This was without a doubt a memorable, unusual and treasured session which will stay with me for a while.  I hope you enjoy the videos and the session in full below.


Finn Bonel – Never Be The Same Again

Finn Bonel – Ramshackle Heart

Finn Bonel – Devil Got My baby Part 1



Finn Bonel – Love’s The Only Thing



The Hubbards – Dog Bite

Four-piece indie band from Hull in the North East of England, this song has got more than a bite with its very catchy guitar riffs and brazen melodies. Ones to watch out for!

Anton Frank – Mantra

London-based troubadour who writes clever, fresh and original songs tinged with his distinctive deep and smoky voice.  This song is evocative of the classic Crash Test Dummies number, but Anton masterfully manages to give it his very own twist without sounding like a cheap copy.  Very classy indeed!

Two Spot Gobi feat Jason Mraz – Tomorrow

A beautifully produced ballad featuring the magnificent vocals of two supreme troubadours, James Robinson from TSG and the legendary Jason Mraz.  This song has it all in abundance, great musicianship, meaningful lyrics, catchy choruses and a very definite spine-tingling factor!

Jocelyn Scofield – Gravity Takes The Lead

Based in LA, Jocelyn is an accomplished musician, song writer and a formidable vocalist with tremendous vocal range and power.  This is a catchy melodic number piano-led at the start with delicious harmonies and immaculately produced.

Lexi Luca – Begin Again (Taylor Swift cover)

A beautifully sung and produced Taylor Swift cover by this teenage Florida based songstress.  Lexi’s distinctive voice betrays her age with a husky tone and a wide vocal range.

My First Tooth – Past Broadcasts

An infectious pop laden indie folk number with fabulous harmonies, great string arrangements and a delicious rock feel with subtle (if that makes any sense) dirty guitar riffs!  Love this song.