James Robinson

A Brand New Chapter


James Robinson Ropes mainHaving been part of the very popular and unique band Two Spot Gobi for seven years, with notable successes which include collaborations from the legendary Jason Mraz on some of their songs, plus invitations to join him on tour in the USA as well as in Europe and the opportunity to record their excellent album The Sun Will Rise (2010) at Jason Mraz’s studios in sunny San Diego in California, James Robinson has now embarked on the next phase of his musical career without his band and with a more stripped back less musically complex sound but without losing any of his craftsmanship as a song writer or the quality of his performance. If anything, his songs have taken a deeper meaning and allow the listener to take a much clJames studiooser look at his soul.

His debut solo EP ‘Ropes’ is a collection of very personal songs which reflect his state of mind as he travels through this latest chapter in his life.  Beautifully produced with the bare minimum instrumentation, each song is raw, pure and totally unadulterated.

Here are some HD videos shot at the Brooklands Radio studios during his Under The Radar Live Session plus sound files from the show.  Below you will also find the tracks playlist with links to the artists’ webpages and a short review of each of the tracksJames Robinson DJ.

James Robinson defines his music


James Robinson Under The Radar jingle


James Robinson – If it Don’t Mean Nothing


James Robinson – Money Song


James Robinson – Sunshine Lady


Two Spot Gobi featuring Jason Mraz – Tonight




24 February 2013

Jem Cooke – It Ain’t Nothing

A totally unexpected but very welcome salvo of drums which quickly explode into a horn-laden theatrical and extremely uptempo jazzy number which will have you shaking every single extremity and movable part of your anatomy.  This song has it all, fantastic lyrics, drama, razzamatazz, totally infectious bass lines and percussion, and the pièce de résistance are Jem’s fantastic vocals and supreme harmonies which really put the cherry on top of this already rich and luxurious musical cake.  If you missed her fabulous Under The Radar Live Session you can catch the whole thing right here.

Paulaa – Wish You Were Here

Born in Poland, grew up in Malta and now living in London.  This magnificent song was co-written with Carrie Haber.  Infectious pop with a generous dose of rock, supreme vocals and great melodies, this songstress has it all!

Camille Miller – Eva

Born in Germany and raised on military bases all across Canada, Camille grew up on Motown, Carly Simon, The Carpenters, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones.  This is female fronted rock with an attitude. Currently raising funds through Pledge Music for her new EP More Than This.

Marcella Detroit – Good Girl Down

The brand new single from Marcella’s forthcoming album The Vehicle. This is a very deliberate return to her soul roots and proves once again her versatility as a song writer and as one of the finest vocalists in the world today.  Marcella will return to the UK with some live dates in April to coincide with the release of the album.  Catch her live if you can.

The Hubbards – Dog Bite

Four-piece indie band from Hull in the North East of England, this song has got more than a bite with its very catchy guitar riffs and brazen melodies. Ones to watch out for!

Lauren Bruce – The World of Descendings

Euphonious and irresistible number with glorious string arrangements, supreme vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Taken from Lauren’s debut album Before The Dust Settles which was recorded at an old disused church in London and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios before returning to her native Australia last year.

Deco Pilot – Mirror

From their brand new EP This City, London based five-piece band describe their sound as a blend of synth pop rock, and this song clearly demonstrates this with added elements such as pulsating drums and throbbing bass accompanying some very contagious choruses and anthemic chants.

Unsung Lilly – Suit & Tie

An excellent cover of Justin Timberlake’s song by this incredibly versatile and fresh band from Guildford in Surrey, with magnificent vocals and harmonies by Sera and Frankie and some tight percusion, guitar riffs and funky bass from Wayne, Russ and Alan.  Check out the clever video they recorded using only iPhones!

Virgin Soldiers – Moon Song

Blending some palatable strings, delicate female fronted vocals and harmonies plus melodic acoustic rock, this is Virgin Soldiers’ debut single.  Looking forward to welcoming this six-piece band to our studios in May for an Under The Radar live session.

Candy – Haunting

Candy is a London-based scottish singer, guitarist and song-writer.  Haunting is his current single, a haunting and very melodic guitar driven number with very catchy choruses and perfect harmonies driven by supreme vocals and solid percussion.

Raphaella – I’m Not Down (The Clash cover)

Who would have thought that a song by one of the greatest punk bands could be turned into an epic soulful ballad which would not be out of place in Alicia Keys’ repertoire?  Raphaella has managed just that with this excellent cover, we do not usually play covers on Under The Radar, but when we do, it is because they are as good if not better than the original!

Gymnast – Build A Boat

A fresh, original song with haunting string arrangements, trippy beats and delicate vocals by this Manchester-based duo.  A genial blend of acoustic sounds with chilled out electronic beats and very likable melodies.

Abigail Hubbard – People Watching

Another highly original and fresh number with very clever fusion of jazz, trip-hop and folk, topped with some quirky vocals.  It is very hard to give this song an accurate review simply because there is so much going on with different layers of vocals, acoustic strings blended with pulsating bass and a plethora of sounds which fit together incredibly well, but equally are incredibly hard to describe!  You’ll just have to listen for yourselves and decide.  I for one, love this song!

Goldie Reed – Hey Brother

Essentially a blues ballad with very strong elements of soul and the most delicate and delicious hints of country.  This song has supreme vocals, tremendous arrangements and the ingredients necessary to make a lasting impression on any new listener.