The Frisbys

Delicious harmonies, supreme musicianship, original style

Frisbys mainI first saw The Frisbys performing a live set at The Bedford in Balham, one of London’s finest live music venues for emerging artists.  This four-piece band is led by twin sisters Nicola and Helen Frisby, and are ably accompanied by Marc and Sam on guitars and harmonies.  Their songs are a blend of English folk with melodic pop, adorned with superb guitar picking, haunting flute, and the most delicious harmonies like only twins can sing.  Nicola’s lead vocals are fresh, original and possess a distinctive Irish twang on the low range, and are beautifully complimented by Helen’s higher alto vocal characteristics.

Although they have been together as a band for a relatively short period of time since 2011, they play in complete harmony and make it look, feel and sound like they have been together all their lives.  Studio photoTheir repertoire is made up largely of the twins’ compositions, but they have recently started to write together as a band, which no doubt will inject a whole new dimension to their sound with the boys own influences which range from hip hop to rock.

Their forthcoming EP ‘Philosolove’ is a fully studio produced collection of songs, some of which they included in their set in the Under The Radar live session. (Watch the videos below).  No date has been set for the release of the EP as I write, so do keep an eye out on The Frisby’s website or in this blog where we will post a review.

The Frisbys are a very original, innovative and fresh band who have enough musical talent and ability to capture the hearts of new audiences, and it should come as no surprise when they start to headline important gigs and sell out some of the larger and more established music venues around the UK and beyond.


Sunday 10th February 2013

Carrie Haber – Spectator

Taken from Carrie’s excellent debut EP ‘It’s Complex’, this song has it all: drama, passion, emotion, magnificent vocals, superb production, and above all total originality.  This is pop-rock it it’s very best, by one the most gifted and groundbreaking emerging singer song-writers the beautiful island of Malta has produced!

Camera Soul – Zig Zag

Camera Soul is a musical project headed by brothers Piero and Pippo Lombardo  with the magnificent vocals of Serena Brancale.  This track is featured in their debut album ‘Words Don’t Speak, a collection of 11 jazz, soul, funk numbers recorded and produced in Italy.

London Grammar – Hey Now

This London trio are about to hit the big time with this epic, beautifully produced, rich in vocal harmonies, melodic number.  Catch them at their next gig in London on 27th March at Electrowerkz.

Ilona – My Favourite Defeat

Ilona’s current single, the title track from her debut EP, is an intoxicating song full of Mediterranean and Latin melancholy, beautifully sung and produced.  Ilona describes it as a song about “the one that got away” and when you watch the video that accompanies this great song you will realise this is no ordinary love song.  Available now from iTunes, go and get it.

Wara – Ojos Que No Ven (Eyes That Can’t See)

Available in a free compilation album curated by Latinos in London, this is a classy fusion of different musical styles with a strong Latin American flavour.  Wara are a group of formidable latin american musicians based in London, led by supreme Argentinian vocalist Juanita Euka.  Women of London 2012 Volume One is available for free download on Bandcamp.

The Dunwells – The Hand That Feeds

Following in the footsteps of Mumford & Sons and destined to receive global recognition as one of the most original, likable and musically brilliant bands to emerge from Leeds, The Dunwells’ Hand That Feeds is an uptempo multi-layered number which combines the best elements of Motown, Nashville, Blues, Detroit, all bound together with tremendous vocals and those Dunwells harmonies!

Screaming Maldini – Summer, Somewhere

Dreamy start with gentle keys and melodic vocals, slowly blending glorious choruses and harmonies which explode into an epic wall of delicious anthemic chants, this is a truly original, memorable and breathtaking number masterfully produced which will have you humming it long after you have finished listening!

Anton Frank – Lose Control

London-based vocalist with a very distinctive original voice and style, blending unusual instruments and sounds to his cleverly composed and structured songs, taking them to an even higher level.  This is true sophisticated contemporary pop by a very original artist.

Roxy Rawson – Black Eyed Soup

A very cleverly written song which Roxy sings acapella-style accompanied with great harmonies and finger snaps.  This song is infectious and stands on its own without the need for instruments, a definite contender for the number one spot on any self-respecting music chart!

Lisa Occhino – You’ll Never Understand

This talented student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music is the 2012 winner of the coveted BMI Foundation’s 15th Annual John Lennon Scholarship Competition with You’ll Never Understand, a simple yet beautiful original pop ballad which has a wide appeal and crosses many musical boundaries.

Lisa VonH & Sinclair – Valentines

A beautifully produced and sung ballad by one of the most prolific song writers around at the moment.  Lisa VonH has the ability to write and record original songs which are memorable, heartfelt and likable almost with the same regularity as one has breakfast every morning.  This song is a collaboration with The Instrumentalist, who manages to take Lisa’s compositions to new levels of musical greatness with his thoughtful arrangements.

Robyn Sherwell – My Hand

This is a perfect pop song which combines clever lyrics with beautiful vocals and masterful arrangements.  The song is mellow, yet has uplifting choruses and extremely palatable harmonies.  The video which accompanies this song offers the perfect backdrop to a strong and very well produced song.

Being Buffalo – Hope

Uptempo beats, infectious harmonies, great instrumentation. This is an uplifting number which will have you toe-tapping from the first chord!  Being Buffalo are an original London-based band who describe their sound as “folk driven pop with an organic twist”.  They have lined up a mini-tour during the latter part of March, and I recommend you try to catch them at a gig near you!

Show Highlights


The Frisbys define their music


The Frisbys – Philosolove


The Frisbys – Give Into The Dark


The Frisbys – Born and Raised