Steve Rodgers

Music, poetry and cosmic energy run through his veins

Steve Rodgers websiteI was first introduced to Steve Rodgers at a very special showcase at the BBC Club in London by Sera Golding, one of the very talented and charismatic members of Unsung Lilly, a new breed of exciting, innovative and fresh bands who are very much redefining the landscape of the music business in the UK by putting on immaculate performances and not being afraid to try new approaches and strategies to make their music available to new audiences.

Steve is no stranger to the music business, his father is a rock legend in his own right, so it is quite obvious where his influences might come from.  I deliberately held back from making any references to his famous dad because I wanted to focus on Steve, the song-writer, the performer, the man.

It is very easy to be led astray and form preconceptions about someone based on their parentage, which I think is grossly unfair as everyone deserves to be judged on their own merits.  I have to say I was not disappointed, Steve is an accomplished musician, lyricist, and above all, has his own unique style and character, which does not give any clues about his bloodline!Steve Rodgers studio smile

He is quietly spoken, very thoughtful about the way he expresses himself, and his songs are deep, meaningful and melodic, without being over-intense.  They flow freely and are easy to connect with. He arrived at Brooklands Radio for his Under The Radar session armed with his guitar and a smile, and remarkably, without a sound-check, he put on a polished, intimate and professional performance from the very first chord he played.

Below you can enjoy videos of some of the songs he performed, plus the show in full.  I hope you enjoy our conversation and his songs, and if you like what you hear, please let him know, visit his website, buy his EP, and share this blog plus his music with fellow music lovers, friends and loved ones.


Steve Rodgers Defines his music


Steve Rodgers – 100 Times (Under The Radar live session)


Steve Rodgers – Yesterday (Under The Radar live session)


Steve Rodgers – Sunshine (Under The Radar live session)


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  1. Steve is definitely one of my favourite artists. And he will be performing at the SKRUM Summer Musical Festival at Esher Rugby Club on Sunday 16th June – 2pm to 8pm – always much loved and appreciated by the audiences!


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