Under the Radar Live Sessions Volume 1 FREE Download

Supporting Music Therapy Week and Nordoff Robbins

Under The Radar Live Sessions Compilation Volume 1

UTR Live Sessions V1 Lemon artists keysBlue sizedIntroducing the first in a series of compilations of tracks from some of the artists that have appeared on Under the Radar on Brooklands Radio.

This first compilation consists of 16 tracks which have all been performed and recorded live at the Brooklands Radio studios.

Available as a ‘Pay what you like’ download on Bandcamp, we have plans to make it available as a CD and quite possibly in glorious vinyl including beautiful artwork on the covers and comprehensive sleeve notes.  We have included short interview snippets of each of the artists as bonus tracks which will add a new dimension to the listening experience and give an insight into the song and the artist.

We hope that by making these superb recordings available for FREE download, more people will discover and learn about the incredibly talented, passionate and innovative artists that are emerging not just in the UK but also worldwide.

Any proceeds from these downloads will be shared with Nordoff Robbins, who are a Nordoff Robbins Logo Landscape Colour JPEG1music charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK. Through music therapy and other music services, we support a range of people with a range of challenges such as autism, dementia, mental health problems, stroke, brain injury and depression. Some of our clients have a life-threatening or terminal illness, such as cancer. All of these people have one uniting factor – music dramatically improves their quality of life. For more information about Nordoff Robbins and how you can get involved please click the Nordoff Robbins logo.

Under the Radar is a weekly Internet radio show, now in its fourth year, which is totally devoted to providing a platform for up and coming original singers, bands and musicians to reach new audiences. You may listen Sundays from 7pm (GMT) on www.brooklandsradio.co.uk and meet like-minded lovers of new music by taking part on the friendly Facebook forum which accompanies the show if you visit my Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy this selection, and if you become a fan of any of the artists featured, it would be incredibly valuable for them as well as us if you let them know you discovered them via the Under the Radar Live Sessions compilation.  Your comments and feedback are also welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support, and hope you enjoy this first selection of what we hope will be many!

You may access this compilation by clicking on the picture above, or by following this link:  http://undertheradarlive.bandcamp.com/album/under-the-radar-live-sessions-vol-1



    • Thank you Cindy for your kind comments, and so glad you love the compilation. The first of a whole series! Hopefully Carrie Haber will return to our studios for another live session in the very near future… watch this space! DD x


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