Josie Charlwood – Skyfall

Let me show you what perfection is

The concept of blogging or writing about a cover that an artist has recorded at first sight might not seem like a very imaginative or exciting piece to read about…. except when the artist in question is Josie Charlwood and the artist who she has covered is Adele.  Here we have a supreme well-established global artist who has captivated the hearts of millions, the combination of her unique voice, the spirit and soul she puts into her songs have made Adele who she is today.  Many world-class artists and equally talented unknown singers cover her songs all the time, and they all do a magnificent job, except they all sound like Adele covers!

Josie Charlwood somehow manages to maintain the integrity of the song whilst making it her own, without taking anything away from the original.  It’s hard to explain but when you hear Josie’s version of Adele’s Skyfall you know it is an Adele song, yet it feels like an original Josie Charlwood song, and that is what separates Josie from the rest, in my humble view.

Here is Josie’s version of Skyfall, and in reference to the headline above, just observe the way Josie plays the keys, and the way she knows exactly which camera to look at and when, and you will soon realise this is a supreme artist who will settle for nothing less than perfection.  Enjoy!

Check out my review of Josie’s excellent debut CD Pieces of Me” where you will find links to download it right now!

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