Skinny Machines – The making of a radio jingle

Creativity at its very best

In the 4-and-a-half years I have been presenting my radio show, very often artists and bands ask if they can create a jingle for the show, which of course I am always grateful, humbled and very happy to receive.  One such occasion was when the fantastic Skinny Machines, a hot up and coming indie band based in London made the request.  It literally took them a few minutes to come up with the concept, put some chords to the words, and in no time at all, we had a full-blown radio jingle!

The footage below shows how the famous Skinny Machines jingle was made.


At the time of this session, the band were headed by the enigmatic and supremely talented Jay Marsh, who composed most of the songs and sung lead vocals.  Their sound was very commercial indie/rock with strong elements of pop.

Nowadays Skinny Machines have a new line-up with the flamboyant and talented Jim Stapley as their new lead vocalist, as well as a new bass player, Mike Woodhouse, and they retain Dan Roth on drums and percussion and the lively and charismatic electric guitar virtuoso Rikki Glover.  They have re-invented themselves with a new rockier sound without loosing their loyal fan base, and gaining rafts of new fans along the way.

They have recently completed another European tour, visiting Switzerland, Germany and Austria, where they enjoy popularity plus a large following.  Upon returning to London, they have launched their brand new 4 track EP “Wind it Up”, which can be downloaded from iTunes right now, or you can get a hard copy at their charity gig in aid of Movember at The Halfmoon in Putney on November 21st.

This EP is a collection of new songs plus an old original Skinnies number called Wrong Side of The River, which they have totally re-worked without losing the appeal of this anthemic Skinnies classic!

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  1. Lovely memories of the past and jumping back to the very lively present of SKINNY MACHINES in one post! LOVE it! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! xx


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