Unsung Lilly

Unsung Lilly, a band fit for a Royal Wedding!

Unsung Lilly are a formidable team of 5 musicians, each bringing their own original and individual style to the mix to produce a versatile, relevant very dynamic musical ensemble which sounds exciting, likeable and fresh.

Formed of two females, Sera and Frankie, and three males, Wayne, Allan and Russ, the thing that strikes the most is that although each member has a very significant influence in the band, the two females, Sera and Frankie, visually at least, are the undisputed leaders of this combo, each bringing their considerable vocal skills to the fore as well as their own charisma and stage presence, whilst the boys remain in the background providing solid percussion, guitar and bass accompaniment.

Although the band have been together for several years performing as a covers band, the turning point arrived last year at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, when the band were invited to perform at a special concert in London’s Hyde Park in front of some 300,000 people!

They quickly realised that being on stage performing in front of music adoring fans is where they wanted to be, so they set upon writing their own material and re-inventing the band as a fresh, up-to-date funky quirky outfit.  This they have achieved in some style!  Their sound is polished, original, quirky and has that undefinable likability factor.  They are signed to Bentlys Records, a new small independent label and their future looks brighter by the day.

Their Under The Radar session on Brooklands Radio was without a doubt a memorable one, open, honest and professional.  They treated us to six live tracks, including three from their fabulous debut EP “Time Changes Minds”.  Below we have selected three tracks for your pleasure plus some audio and of course the show in full.

Unsung Lilly are definitely a band to watch out for, and we strongly recommend you purchase their EP and try to catch them at a gig near you.  Guaranteed you will not be disappointed!

Unsung Lilly define their music

Here the band perform the title track of their debut EP, Time Changes Minds

A fabulous toe-tapping funky number!

Unsung Lilly’s newest offering, a haunting, melancholic and delicious number, a spine-tingling soulful ballad with some supreme vocals and harmonies like only Frankie and Sera can deliver!

A bit of fun, Unsung Lilly’s Ten Big Ones!

Under The Radar live session Brooklands Radio 11 November 2012 Part 1

Under The Radar live session Brooklands Radio 11 November 2012 Part 2

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