Rose Red and the Butterflies

A Pixie of perfection, writing silver-tongued melodies, Pixie Dust collecting and people watching, ground hobbling and kazoo blowing… Welcome to the world of Rosered

This charming North London pixie is a chanteuse of many talents apart from her obvious disposition with the guitar and her heartfelt catchy memorable songs.  Rosered, aka Lydia Nicolaides is an accomplished singer song-writer who recently won Fatea Magazine debut album of the year 2010 with her magnificent self-penned, self-produced and self-funded album “Just a Glimmer”.

Rosered has also had the honour of having one of her songs, “End of the Line“, featured in the movie Chinese Burns which was nominated in three categories at the Maverik Movie Awards in August of this year.

This gentle, quiet, almost shy songstress has an original style which takes her audience to a magical pixie-land full of miniature baby dragons, fairies, butterflies and fairy dust rainbows.  Her music is a fusion of pop rock, folk, reggae, soul and a hint of country.

Her Under The Radar session was a memorable one where, accompanied by her cellist, she took us on a musical journey into her world, where we talked about pixies, butterflies, singing, websites, and she treated us to a few of her songs live on air.

Below you will find two of her songs which we filmed, plus the audio of the show in full.   You will find her interview and session on Part 2, so sit back and let Rosered and her butterflies fly you into her world.

A great stripped back version of her song “Divine” which is available on her album

An uptempo catchy tune which will have you tapping your toes and smiling

Rosered weathergirl

Rosered defines her music