Charlotte Eriksson – NEW single Preview “Letdown”

Raw, emotional, angry, frightened, determined and always hopeful.

Release Date: Monday 5th November 2012

Charlotte Eriksson’s brand new single “Letdown” has all these elements in abundance, and whether you like the style of music or not, there is no denying the depth and quality of the lyrics, the passion in her voice, and the simple, yet outstanding musical arrangements of this song.

The song starts quietly with Charlotte reciting the opening lyrics, accompanied by the slightest guitar, setting the scene of what will turn into an explosive almost operatic number.  A steady and gentle percussion soon arrives as the guitars now become more raunchy and her tone turns from frightened to angry, and back to frightened before revealing her determination to remain true to herself.  Great lyrics, magnificent vocals and masterful instrumentation with added harmonies towards the end which add a touch of exquisiteness to the song.

My recommendation, download it, you will NOT be disappointed!  For more about Charlotte Eriksson, check her Under The Radar session here.

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