Alex Louise

This pop princess is a supreme vocalist, young, fresh, original and waiting to be discovered

I have often said that one of the joys of doing what I do is when I come across a new artist, find one of their songs, and click on the “play” button and within the first few verses the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end followed by the inevitable grin.  Well, discovering Alex Louise caused just that!  I knew I had found not only a supreme vocalist, but also a genuinely nice, warm and likable person.

Alex Louise grew up wanting to become a singer, although as she went through her teens she was persuaded to choose another career, so she studied to become a horse-riding instructor.  This didn’t last very long, and she quickly realised that singing was, and is her number one passion, so she abandoned her plans to work with horses and threw herself fully in pursuit of her dreams.  Whether or not this was the correct decision remains to be seen, but if her current track record is anything to go by, there is a better than certain possibility that all her dreams and ambitions will be fulfilled.  With a fabulous 2-track self-penned EP currently available and a string of live performances in and around London, plus a full album waiting to be released during the early part of 2013, Alex Louise is certainly well on her way to being the person she wants to be.

Her live session on Brooklands Radio was refreshing, effortless and masterful.  We captured some of her live songs on video, and of course the show in full below.  If you like what you hear, make sure you visit Alex Louise’s social media pages, and also download her EP from iTunes.  I particularly recommend you look out for details of live gigs near you and urge you to go and see her, she will not disappoint you!

In this audio clip I ask Alex Louise to define her music

Alex Louise – Undercover

Give Me Something

You Don’t See Me

Listen again to the show:

Alex Louise 21 October 2012 Pt 1

Alex Louise 21 October 2012 Pt 2