Jo Harman

A masterful and delicious fusion of Blues, Soul, Gospel and Roots

If you visit Jo Harman’s Facebook page or her website right now, you will find out this is no ordinary aspiring songstress judging by the high-profile gigs she is due to be playing in the coming months.  For starters, Jo Harman is the opening act for the legendary Don MacLean in Amsterdam in early November.  To put it bluntly, you don’t get to be the opening act for a living legend like Don MacLean unless you are rather special, and Jo Harman is just that.

Heavily influenced by Gospel and Soul, this Brighton-based chanteuse has made a spectacular entrance into the members area of the “Outstanding Vocalists of our Time” club, and with good reason:  She possesses an instantly likeable voice, her style and her passion have the power to turn concrete into soft sand, and her songs are evocative of some of the greatest vocalists of this, and recent generations.

As you will read on her website and in various music industry publications, Jo has collaborated and appeared with a string of music biz “A” listers, she has won accolades, and her career is about to hit new highs.  Over the years I have found that up and coming artists, however brilliant, all have one thing in common as they develop their craft and progress their careers: they are all humble, approachable and kind.  Jo has these attributes in abundance, and this was evident when she visited Under The Radar at the Brooklands Radio studios.

Jo came accompanied by her guitarist Mike Davies, and Rosie Cunningham on backing vocals, two supremely talented musicians in their own right.  She was charming, eloquent and spoke with sincerity.  We were treated to four live songs, three of which we have filmed and posted below.  The fourth we will be posting nearer to Christmas as it is a special version of a classic Christmas carol sung in Jo Harman’s inimitable style!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound clips and videos below. If you like what you see and hear, visit Jo Harman’s website, buy her music, and treat yourself and a loved one to one of her gigs, I promise you will not be disappointed.

In this sound clip Jo defines her music

A shortened version of the magnificent “Worthy of Love” Released this week and available for download right now

A beautiful ballad with a definite Gospel feel, “I Shall Not Be Moved”

The funky bluesy “Underneath The River”

Jo Harman 18 December 2011 Part 1

Jo Harman 18 December 2011 Part 2

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