Sam Beeton

This troubadour did not want to be part of the showbiz pie, so he created his own…

At 24 years of age, Sam Beeton has already had a taste of pop stardom, and he is the first to admit he didn’t like it!  He had a Top 40 single, an album, a deal on the table, the World at his feet, the limo waiting outside, his adoring fans eager to get close to him, and then he came to the realisation, in true maverick style, that he didn’t want to become a “product” at the mercy of, as he puts it, “the spotty bloke in the office telling him to add some rap to his chorus to make him sound more urban”.  This would have been too easy, and a guaranteed ticket into that pseudo-world of celebrity pop stardom.  Instead he chose to remain true to his art, true to his soul, and perhaps just as important, true to his real fans.

He decided to form his own micro-record label called Sweet Luigi Records Store and launched The Record Club, where for a modest £10 per annum, fans get to receive at least 1 brand new exclusive Sam Beeton track per month on a properly packaged, hand-signed CD, and delivered by mail to their doors.   The Record Club has been running for just under 2 years, and it has been a complete success, proof that in the rapid-changing landscape of the music industry, a simple idea executed with passion and integrity does bring success!

Sam Beeton’s session on Brooklands Radio was enjoyable, engaging and very amusing with his zany and almost eccentric sense of humour, warm character and flamboyant personality.  He played his guitar effortlessly and masterfully and delivered each of his three songs with genuine passion and true musicianship.

We captured the three songs in the videos below, plus sound clips of the interview, and as usual, the show in full for your listening pleasure.  If you enjoy Sam Beeton’s music, make sure you join his Record Club and share his music with friends and loved ones.

In this audio clip, Sam describes his Record Club

Here, Sam defines his music

The first of three songs Sam performed during his session at Brooklands Radio

“Rain Down On You”, a song he dedicated to Patrick, who was visiting a very wet and rainy Mallorca!

Sam’s final song of the session and a personal favourite, “Good Natured Child”

Sam Beeton 25 September 2011 Part 1

Sam Beeton 25 September 2011 Part 2

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