Charlotte Eriksson

The Glass Child

Charlotte Eriksson, a complex, deep and very ambitious young singer song-writer originally from Sweden and now residing in the UK, where she arrived aged 19 armed with her guitar, a worn-out bag and a steely determination to make it on her own and more importantly on her own terms.  This she has accomplished by developing her craft, writing deep and meaningful lyrics accompanied by memorable, catchy and heartfelt tunes, and steadily building a fan base by gigging and recording two EPs under her own label, Broken Glass Records.  Remarkably, she has achieved this in only 2 years!

During her session at Brooklands Radio I found her eloquent, friendly, upbeat and self-assured as she spoke about her musical journey, her ambitions, her hopes and her fears.  She performed a few of her songs accompanied by her guitarist, Ben.  Sitting at close range I realised just how powerful and penetrating her voice is.

Below you will find a couple of videos of the session plus the show in full.  As ever, if you like what you hear, do visit Charlotte’s webpages and give her your support by downloading her music and sharing it with friends, acquaintances and loved ones.

In this short audio clip, Charlotte defines her music

Here, Charlotte premieres a brand new song “Best Part Of Me” and she tells us the inspiration behind the song

The powerful and thought-provoking “I’ll Never Tell”

“I’ll Never Tell” the official video

Charlotte Eriksson 24 July 2011 Part 1

Charlotte Eriksson 24 July 2011 Part 2