Tom Tyler

A modern day one-man super band

Tom Tyler’s current single “Shooting Star”, taken from his forthcoming debut album Silence, due for release on 11 November 2012, is one of those expertly crafted pop songs which stays with you for hours after hearing it.  This is a perfect example of a well-written song with meaningful lyrics, beautifully interpreted by its author even in its acoustic stripped-back form.  We were treated to such a performance during Tom’s Under The Radar session on Brooklands Radio.  Here is a man who has launched head, body and soul into his craft, and the result is a collection of highly polished songs which sound just as good live and acoustic as they do when you play his CD in the car, home Hi-Fi or iPod.

During his session, Tom came across like a self-assured, fulfilled, has-nothing-to-prove artist, yet he remained humble and true to himself without coming across as arrogant, a sure sign of someone who is at peace with himself.  Tom was introduced to me by Tony’s mum, the legendary Tony Moore’s mother who is a tireless champion of up and coming artists and has one of the most discerning ears of any lover of indie music.

Tom spoke about his musical journey with candour and sincerity, he told us about his current collaborations with Scandinavian song-writers, he revealed how the fantastic video for “Shooting Star” came about, and gave us some anecdotes from his recent experiences at the London Olympics.  You can listen to the whole show at your leisure below, where you will find out a little more about this truly talented and likeable song-man.  If you like what you hear, go and check out tracks from his magnificent album “Silence” which you can find here.

In this clip, I throw Tom his first “curved-ball” question, an answer I seek from all my musical guests:
Here is Tom with his guitarist Dave “the Dane” who, according to Tom, adds style and panache to his music, performing “Home”
Tom’s current single “Shooting Star” from his debut album
A Bruce Springsteen cover in Tom’s inimitable style
Tom’s session in full for your listening pleasure!