Andy Ruddy

Troubadour from the north makes Surrey his home

It was a wet, windy and dark Sunday the 23 September when I drove to Guildford to collect Andy Ruddy, his guitar and keyboard and drove him back to the Brooklands Radio studios for his Under The Radar session.  In the car he told me how he came to Guildford from Bradford to do a course at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) and when he completed his course, realised he was so captivated by the area and the opportunities on offer, he decided to make Guildford his new home and devote himself to his music.

Andy Ruddy is a talented and versatile singer song-writer, supreme on the piano as well as his guitar.  His songs usually tell a story and are well-thought through and constructed in such a way that they manage to take the listener on a journey into the innermost confines of Andy’s soul.  Catchy melodies, memorable hooks, melancholy, happiness and hope are all ingredients which pepper his songs, and the one constant characteristic is they are all infectious and unique.

Below are a collection of videos and sound files from Andy Ruddy’s Under The Radar session which I hope you enjoy.  You will also find the show in full for your listening pleasure.  If you like what you hear, make sure you visit and like Andy’s Facebook page and have a sneaky listen to his music on his SoundCloud page.

In this sound clip Andy defines his music:
Here Andy tells us the inspiration behind the song
Time to play those keys
The B side to his forthcoming Christmas single
Andy Ruddy Under The Radar session Sunday 23 September 2012