Gigs and EP Launches

Unsung Lilly, Rosabella Gregory, Two Spot Gobi ALL in the same week!

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a couple of gigs in London, the first was at the iconic The Bedford in Balham, for the launch of 5-piece band Unsung Lilly’s debut EP called Time Changes Minds The Bedford is the ideal venue for up and coming artists to launch their music, it is a magnificent space and the sound is always excellent!   Unsung Lilly were supported by fabulous songstress Alex Louise, plus the very charismatic and entertaining Rob Castell.

They opened with the title track, Time Changes Minds, a deliciously infectious funky bass riddled number which immediately captivated the audience and set the tone of what was a memorable performance.  Their sound is hard to put into a genre, but it certainly has elements of funk and soul, fused with pop and the raunchier side of rock.  Their forte lies in their two formidable female vocalists, Sera and Frankie with their natural stage presence, and this allows the boys, Wayne, Alan and Russ to support the girls with very tight and slick rhythm, percussion and guitar sections.  A highly recommended EP which is now available for download and of course to purchase in hard form at one of their gigs!  Go and buy one, I promise their sound will haunt you.

Thursday night we headed to Surya near Kings Cross in London, where Brighton-based band Two Spot Gobi were headlining, with support from new band Room 6 plus the very classy Rosabella Gregory, who started the evening with a collection of self-penned songs accompanied by her piano.  Rosabella is an eloquent, expressive performer who likes to tell a story not only in her songs, but also as an introduction to them, and this gives a very personal and close insight into the soul of this highly talented and accomplished artist.  We were treated to half an hour of compelling stories and the most exquisite selection of her songs.

3-piece band Room 6 followed Rosabella Gregory with a very different set.  These young guys took to the stage with great aplomb and almost immediately captivated the audience with their opener, John Legend’s Ordinary People.  This was followed by a selection of covers and self-penned songs, a fusion of folk, pop, R’n B and Hip Hop infused with acoustic drum ‘n bass!  Very much hoping to welcome these guys to the Brooklands Radio studios for an Under The Radar session in the not-too-distant future.

Two Spot Gobi’s set was as memorable as all the other live performances I have seen from these guys!  Flawless vocals, and the most palatable fusion of sounds from cello to trumpet, pulsating bass, slick guitar and very tight rhythm section.  They opened with an improvised version of their iconic acapella classic Shosholoza.  Lead man James Robinson delivered each song effortlessly and had the audience, which consisted mainly of established Two Spot Gobi fans, totally engaged and drawn by his undeniable charisma, passion and supreme musicianship.  Catch them live at a gig near you, and if this is not possible, join me Sunday 4th November when i will welcome James Robinson to our studios for Under The Radar, on the eve of the release of his forthcoming EP.  One not to be missed!

This is the second week in a row where I have had the studio all to myself on Under The Radar.  As I explained in my last posting, I usually have studio guests, but occasionally it is great to be able to just play back to back tracks and take you on a musical journey of discovery!

Below you will find the show in full for your listening pleasure, plus a full track listing with links to the songs.  Enjoy, and join me next Sunday from 7pm for another edition of Under The Radar, when I welcome to our studios magnificent chanteusse Alex Louise!  Have a great week everyone!

Under The Radar 14th October 2012 Part 1
Under The Radar 14th October 2012 Part 2


Silverbox – Gunmetal

Unsung Lilly – Time Changes Minds

Sean Seraphim – Purgatory

Two Spot Gobi – Try Again

Alex Louise – You Don’t See Me

Romy Conzen – Into The Light

Eric Bay – The Yellow Umbrella

Michaela Jay Mary Hall – If I See You

Jon Mullane – My New American Girl

Moreish feat Sascha Dupont – I Go Back

Crystal Seagulls – Yours For As Long As You Keep Me

Soneni & The Soul – Fly So High

Feldspar – Let The Time Run

Ilona – Walk A Mile

Playmaker – Lately

Jenny & Ashley – My Kind Of Life

Auster Paulen – Gifts From The Sky

Misha Mandy Patrick Johnson Philos Samson – Diamonds (Rhianna Cover)

Carrie Haber – Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

Tom Tyler – If I Should Fall Behind (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

Rosabella Gregory – Tokyo

Silverbox – Gravity


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comments David! It was lovely seeing you bopping away at the back there! 🙂 And great show last night – we listened to the whole thing and it was really inspiring to hear you supporting new music! Keep up the great work! 🙂


    • Thank you for your comments and for your support too! Very much looking forward to welcoming you to our studios on the 11th November for an Under The Radar session and chat!



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