Exclusives, Exclusives, Exclusives!

Under The Radar becomes source of exclusive first-play tracks from up and coming original singers, bands and musicians

Greetings music lovers!  The whole essence of my radio show, Under The Radar on Brooklands Radio, is to welcome different up and coming artists to the studios every week for a chat and a live session.  Occasionally, for whatever reason, I have no guests booked, and this gives me an opportunity to surround myself with CDs and MP3s and simply play music and take my listeners on a musical journey of discovery, and sometimes on a journey to reminisce about tracks and artists we have featured in the past.

Tonight was one of those nights, and I have to say I was very much looking forward to having the studio all to myself like a child in his favourite toy shop!  Unusually I was offered the opportunity to play exclusive tracks which is a very humbling experience as these artists are in effect handing me their “babies” to show to the World!

One of the bands in question are a group of 5 individuals calling themselves Unsung Lilly, a local band from Surrey, who kindly sent me their brand new EP for first airplay titled “Time Changes Minds”.  I chose the title track, a funky soulful number with pulsating bass, great arrangements and magnificent lead vocals adorned with some seriously tight harmonies.  The EP will be launched this Wednesday 10th October at London’s iconic The Bedford!  Be there if you are in town!

Soneni and The Soul are a London-based band who also sent me an exclusive track from their forthcoming EP called “A Million Miles Away”.  The thing that really stands out about this group is Soneni’s magnificent lead vocals, reminiscent of the great Mary J Blige, and this is a compliment I don’t give very lightly, as Mary J Blige is without a doubt one of the most astoundingly great female vocalists of our time, up there with the likes of Aretha, Billie and Ella!

The third exclusive track came courtesy of our great friend the mighty John Wyse, the flamboyant and charismatic lead man from London Rock group Silverbox, who are launching their EP Gunmetal on the 10th October to celebrate the band’s 2nd anniversary!  I chose the title track, a true rock anthem with infectious anthemic hooks, pulsating bass and a very tight strong rhythm section coupled with John’s magnificent vocals!

Below you will find the show in full for your listening pleasure, plus a playlist with links to some of the songs!  Enjoy, and see you next Sunday from 7pm for another exciting edition of Under The Radar!  If you like what you read and hear do let me have your feedback and suggestions, and don’t forget to subscribe to this website.   Have a great week and make sure you enjoy every second of it!

DD x

Under The Radar – Sunday 7th October 2012 – Part 1
Under The Radar – Sunday 7th October 2012 – Part 2


Adam Burridge – Vampires

Unsung Lilly – Time Changes Minds (EXCLUSIVE First Play)

Ilona & Tony Moore – Love’s Like A Loaded Gun

Anna Neale – Anywhere

Alex Vargas – Lie

Hannah Trigwell – Call Me

Tom Tyler – Shooting Star

Linda Harrison – Overexposure

Lisa Von H – You’re The First Day of Spring

Soneni And The Soul – Million Miles Away (EXCLUSIVE first play)

RABA – Breaking All The Rules (Jack Savoretti Cover)

Silverbox – Gunmetal (EXCLUSIVE first play)

The Zarrs – Aim High

Veronica Ferreiro – Stay

Jim Stapley – Somewhere