Linda Harrison

Too Rock For Pop, Too Pop For Rock

Linda Harrison

When you first engage in conversation with this colourful Scottish songstress you find her gentle, kind, quietly spoken, almost shy.  As the conversation evolves, you soon realise she is totally focussed and passionately intent about where she wants to go.  Let her loose with her piano, and the whole story unfolds before your very eyes… Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Linda Harrison!

She will leave you breathless at the tenderness and great attention to detail with every shred of emotion that pours out from her when she sings a ballad, and the sheer explosive power of her vocals when she lets go.  Her ambition is to put on the best live performances at world-class stages like Wembley, The O2, Madison Square Gardens, Coachella, Glasto, you get the drift.

Her Bio reads like the autobiography of a well established pop star, yet her journey is just beginning!  The remarkable thing about Linda Harrison is that she has the credentials, the experience, the talent and the drive to be the next big signing, yet she has rejected several offers, intent on doing things her way and developing as an artist and a world-class performer on her own terms.

I feel privileged to have spent 1 hour with Linda during our live Under The Radar session, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to share videos of some of her live set, plus the show in full on this very page.

As I write, Linda Harrison is truly an Under The Radar artist about to explode on the world stage, and readers of this post plus her current fans are very much part of her journey… enjoy!

In this audio clip, I ask Linda to define her music, always a difficult question to answer!
Here is Linda singing Be With You, a song which was played on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs only a few hours earlier
One of Linda’s earlier compositions, Fight About It
Linda Harrison Under The Radar session on Brooklands Radio