Canvas Wall – Thinking Out Loud (Under The Radar Album Review)

Canvas Wall, London-based indie rock band release long-awaited debut album

Canvas Wall, a four-piece indie-rock band based in London have finally released their debut album, and having listened to it, the big question is, was it worth the wait?

Headed by lead vocalist Simon Dounis, originally from Malta, the band have been preparing for this moment since 2008, when they first formed, with the intention of creating music that is different.  During this time they have worked hard to develop their unique sound, bond with each other, and build a fan base. They have regularly played the gig circuit, and have created opportunities for several radio appearances including two Under The Radar sessions on Brooklands Radio!

This 13 track album is a collection of self-penned songs with memorable catchy melodies and hooks threading each and every song, led by Simon’s distinctive and unique vocals.  The overall sound is a likable blend of stadium rock anthems, pop-infused melodies and technically complex guitar and percussion arrangements.

Notable tracks include:

City Lights – The opening track starts like it means to go on with a dirty guitar salvo quickly followed by Simon’s instantly recognisable vocals.  The chorus quickly arrives and instantly injects that undefinable woah factor into the whole song.  A great opener with tons of energy and great musicianship oozing out of every chord.

The Road To Bliss – Great guitar solo opening for this anthemic number.  Once again, Simon leaves us under no doubt about his versatility as a vocalist, and this time the rest of the band join him with some haunting harmonies which complement this song perfectly.

Wish You Well – Memorable catchy number which would not sound out-of-place in the Top 5 national pop charts, and would feel equally at home occupying the number One spot.  Beautifully produced, melodic and without a doubt one of those infectious songs that would have everyone, including grandmothers across the land singing at the top of their voices.

Close To The Edge – Reminiscent of some of the greatest stadium anthems, this song qualifies for premium membership of this exclusive genre, and you could easily be forgiven if you started feeling Glasto withdrawal symptoms when you listen to this tune with the volume turned as loud as you dare.

Sooner Or Later – Possibly the most well-known track from Canvas Wall, and definitely one of the strongest on the album, this number has it all: dirty guitar riffs, deliciously infectious choruses and hooks, masterful vocals and harmonies, all punctuated by a solid percussion and bass section.

This album is unusual in that every single track is likeable, but then again, I guess this is common amongst independent bands of today where they have absolute control of the track listings, and naturally always opt to include only the best, as opposed to signed bands who do not have this freedom and control simply because their labels are only thinking of one thing, and often forget the very fans who are the very reason they exist.

Was it worth waiting for Canvas Wall’s debut album “Thinking Out Loud” I hear you ask?

Hell yeah!  Go and get your copy now, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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