Under The Radar Live session – Noraay


Greetings music lovers!  I didn’t know what to expect from my guest Noraay, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this incredibly talented, warm and eloquent songstress!  The thing that struck me the most is her total commitment, focus and musicianship.  Unusually I agreed to Noraay using backing trNooray smileacks to sing over rather than an instrument or band, and was totally blown away by her perfect timing, perfect pitch and her totally flawless live set!

Find out more about Noraay by clicking on the soundfiles below.

Noraay defines her music!

Under The Radar 16 September 2012 Part 1

Under The Radar 16 September 2012 Part2

Track Listing

Terminal Five – Just Can’t Wait (Sadly this band no longer exists so no link)

Josie Charlwood – Electric Feel (MGTM Cover)

Canvas Wall – The Road To Bliss

David Martinez I Wanna Know

Lisa Von H – Yours For Life

Two Spot Gobi Sunshine Lady

Girl Named T – White Lies

Josie Charlwood – Just One Look

Nada Surf – Waiting For Something

Vin Goodwin – Swim The Wild Water

Julie Hawk – The Value of Gold

The Morning Chorus – The Burden

Moya – Telling Tales