Under The Radar Sunday 9th September

Greetings music lovers!

No guest tonight, which gives me an opportunity to play as many tunes as I can possibly cram in 2 hours!  Although the whole essence of the show is to showcase singers, bands and musicians through live interviews and live sessions, it is always a welcome opportunity to have the studio to myself and take my listeners on a magical journey of music discovery!

I have edited the whole show and below you will find both hours for your listening pleasure.  Below you will also find the playlist with links to the artists’ websites or Facebook pages.  Sit back, enjoy and feel free to share any songs or artists you like.

Overexposure – Linda Harrison
Our House – Rokhsan
Sooner Or Later – Canvas Wall
Breathe – The Doll Mechanics
Beautiful Music – Sharon Musgrave
World Keeps Turning – Jake Hall
Hypnic Jerk – The Glass Child
Underground – Marta Tchai
I’m Not Down – Raphaella
Close To The Edge – Canvas Wall
Happy – Daniel & The Scandals
This Shell Of Mine – Rosie May
Strong – Julia K
Under The Radar – Silverbox
Turning Tables (Adele cover) – Josie Charlwood
The Rapture – Tony DeSimone
Whispers – Annie Lovell
On And On – Gloria Garcia
Elizabeth – The Dunwells
Secretly – Phousa
It’s All Over But The Crying – Jim Stapley
I’ll Never Tell – The Glass Child
Making Me Fall – Moya
Best Of Times – Tom Bradley
 Part 1
Part 2

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