Carrie Haber

It’s all about the song!

Originally from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, Carrie Haber has been based in London for the past few years concentrating on her music career.  Carrie visited our studios on 22nd April 2012 for what was a very memorable session!  In her own inimitable style, she invited a guitar-playing Icelandic guy she met at a local pub on her way to our studios!

Carrie is instantly likeable with her fiery red hair, Mediterranean complexion and a very charming, measured and calming way with words.  She hired a car especially for the occasion, and confessed on air it was the very first time she had driven on UK roads since arriving on these shores some four years ago!

Read more about Carrie and watch some videos of her Under The Radar session by clicking on her name in the artists menu at the top of the page.